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This is a website made by parents and our ALTO kids did all the singing. We put this together for the ALTO preschool parents so they can hear the songs their young ones sing throughout the year.

Sing with them or just listen in, your kids will always enjoy singing along with their peers. It helps the kids refresh their skills and if they can’t remember all the words to some of the songs, then you can help them out.

All audio was recorded at ALTO and performed by the ALTO kids and their teachers during their regular scheduled classes/ programs. A few songs are sing-alongs to commercial tunes and we have embedded a few publicly available videos whenever it made sense in order to enhance the experience and make it more fun.

It will take us a little while to get all the songs recorded. We’ll add them as quickly as the kids can sing them. Some of the lyrics have been slightly modified to adjust them to the kid’s and teacher’s needs, so don’t be too surprised when you see a few different words in some of the tunes you might already know.

The song catalog presented here is the one currently used by the ALTO staff. If you have ideas or suggestions for new songs to be added, please submit them to ALTO directly.

If you just found this site and would like to learn more about the ALTO International School then go to the ALTO website and check out their great programs.

Ok, now go sing a song or two!

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