hello & goodbye

The sun is up and so are we!
These are our welcome songs, to say hello to our friends and the new day.
And when it’s time to go home, we’ll sing some more and say ‘goodbye, farewell’.

let's sing

circle games

Come join us in our circle for songs and games. We’re running and jumping, spinning and dancing, and learn a few things along the way.

let's sing


Spring flowers and summer sun, falling leaves and dreams of snow flakes.
Plenty of songs for all seasons, hear spooky tunes for Halloween, and sing with us on St. Martin’s day and Christmas.

let's sing

all about me

Eyes, ears, nose, as well as head and toes. How many fingers? Where are my hands? Hey, look how my head moves! These are the songs that are all about me.
let's sing

everything else

There is so much more to sing about: Birthday songs and lunchtime rhymes, little stars, balloons and colored glasses. All kinds of songs, from A to Z.

let's sing


Inchworm and earthworm and rabbits and fish. Lions, monkeys, frogs and butterflies too. These are the songs where we go ‘wild’. Watch out, it can get quite loud !

let's sing

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